Well here are the final numbers folks. 2021 was record breaking for Real Estate not only for Fredericton but for the Province of New Brunswick.
👉🏼Some things to note from these CREA statistics.
1. These stats are for residential housing only.
2. 20 days on market is actually longer than you may think. 20 days means from the time a property is listed to when all conditions are fulfilled. Meaning it could of had an accepted offer after 1-7 days on the market but the home inspection, financing or water tests took the remainder of the 20 days to complete.
3. As we are experiencing a sellers market we are actually up 357 more listings than 2020.
Now this leads to the question🤔 what should we expect for 2022???
🏡 As the market is still buyer heavy so we can predict that things will not be slowing down any time soon.
Are you curious as a buyer what strategy to use to maneuver throughout this market? Got questions? Message us anytime!
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