Are you thinking of selling now or in the near future? Before a potential buyer steps through your front door, you need to create a first impression. Keeping the outside of your home tidy and making some small improvements can make a lasting moment when buyers first step onto your property. Enhancing your curb appeal can also create the most improvement for the least amount of money spent.


Here are 4 tips to freshen up the first glance of your home:


  1. Replace old hardware:

Replacing things such as door handles, overhead lighting, or even the house number add to the charm of your entrance. If they are in bad condition or out of date it would lessen the chances of a great first impression. Make sure your hardware forms a cohesive look.


  1. Tidy up your lawn and garden beds

Make sure your lawn is mowed and those weeds or overgrown bushes are cut back. Take a look, is there any light that is being covered from entering your home? Is your driveway clean and pathways cleared? Colorful plants and alternating growing seasons amongst plants are a huge positive impact so that your home looks great in spring, summer and fall.


  1. Freshen up

Its amazing what a coat of paint will do to a porch or deck. A freshly painted home is a great first impression but can be a large project in some cases. If you do not have the time or budget to repaint the entire home think of the things that are eye catching. For example the spindles and steps on the entry way. The window frames and shutters. Here is a before and after photo to prove the miraculous transformation it can make.



  1. Liven up your entrance

Depending on the season have large planters filled with bright colors or seasonal décor. If there is extra space, place a chair and/or small table to the side of the door to create the image of a comfortable spot to enjoy the day with a book or cup of coffee. This will appeal to buyers and the lifestyle your home brings.


Giving your home a boost in its curb appeal can be accomplished in a day or a weekend if you plan and prioritize. Chances are, your home already has many beautiful elements and just needs some finishing touches to look its best. The optimal way to sell your house quickly and at a good price is to make it appealing to buyers – first impressions go a long way! Talk to us about what you can do to increase the value (and curb appeal) of you home!