What is BGRS?

BGRS is a company of Brookfield Residential Property Service (Brookfield Global Relocation Services-BGRS).  BGRS is a global leader in real estate that provides relocation services, technology and knowledge. BGRS is the longest serving provider of relocation services to the Government of Canada. Furthermore, BGRS provides services on 5 continents to both corporate and government clients. This includes 28 military bases.


The relocation program provides government entities such as the Government of Canada, the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with assistance to relocate to new work locations. Workers can make decisions about their relocation but it is strongly advised to speak to a BGRS advisor to aid in any financial matters that the move may affect. Relocating is the workers responsibility but together,  with Connie Munroe Realty, we can ensure your relocation is efficient, smooth and hassle-free!