May 2021 Residential Real Estate in The Fredericton Area Stats Are In
👉🏼434 New listings ⬆️29.9% from 2020
👉🏼560 Active Listings ⬇️29.6% from 2020 (less total listings available)
👉🏼$261,137 being there Average price for a property to be sold. ⬆️ 21% from 2020
👉🏼352 Total Units Sold, ⬆️66% from 2020
🤔What does this mean?
This shows it’s still a sellers market due to low inventory BUT don’t over analyze the purchase price as a buyer. Being pre qualified, working with an experienced agent & limiting your conditions will keep the cards in your favour.
Other tips as a buyer right now(and always) to keep in mind:
•Don’t shop at the top of your home buying budget
•Know what homes are selling for in your desired area
•Know what a “bully” offer is
•DONT GIVE UP, we are here to support, educated and hype you up in anyway possible.
Questions? Do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help serve you 💕