Yay! You’ve bought a home, now what?🔑🔑🔑
Here are a FEW essentials every homeowner should always have.
🏡1. When you do a walkthrough don’t be afraid to ask how things work. It’s important to become familiar with your electrical box, faucets and other major utilities.
🏡2. The first year of ownership usually involves lots of improvements. Don’t forget the investment on items you will need (i.e. lawn mower, vacuum, snow blower, etc).
🏡3. Know how to prevent water damage. Water is your enemy. Check quarterly for roof leaks, overflowing toilets, leaking dishwashers, pipes and backed up gutters.
🏡4. Owning a home is an incredibly special & exciting time! Don’t compare your new to you home to those glossy staged photos you see online. Embrace the process!
🏡5. Be emotionally prepared. When you own a home thing are going to leak, malfunction, break and deteriorate over time. Knowing upfront the responsibility of home ownership and maintaining your property will go a long way. Figure out your coping mechanisms to help you when things go wrong.