As a homeowner it is essential to have some basic knowledge on the maintenance of your home and basic tool functions. Not necessarily to renovate their home themselves BUT for smaller projects, like hanging shelves, changing a door or maybe even some exterior work like installing a driveway light.

Simple tasks every homeowner should complete yearly are as preventative measures to maintain asset value are:

  • Regular yard maintenance- Raking leaves, pulling weeds, cleaning eavestroughs, etc.
  • Changing your furnace filter at least once every 3 months – it is suggested every month during the winter and every 2 weeks if you are renovating.
  • Replacing batteries to your smoke alarm & carbon monoxide detector- A good way to remember is every time you change your clocks to make sure they are working properly.
  • “Trust your nose” If you suspect mold or moisture in your home, don’t wait to deal with it because you could be compromising your family’s health. – if you smell a strange odour make sure you investigate.
  • If you want to avoid a leaky foundation keep gardens and plants away from your home walls. Planting a garden against your home may seem nice, however soil around the foundation walls has been disturbed and has more airspace. This can create an issue with water and moisture entering your home.
  • If your faucet has weak pressure for both hot and cold water you may want to clean your aerator. If the spray pattern is not steady or if the water is shooting off in an odd direction – this may also mean your aerator needs to be cleaned.


While home maintenance with every property is slightly different, the simple answer is you should perform maintenance as often as you need it. When something breaks, malfunctions or needs replacement, you will need to do it or request maintenance from a professional. However, preventative maintenance listed above is SO important and should not be neglected for the longevity and value of your home.

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