Whether this if your first home, your second home or your tenth; along with the cost, the size of the home is your most important consideration. Let’s remember the lesson from the old Goldie locks fairy tale. If the home is too small – your life may seem crowded and swished. If the home is too big- it can be difficult to upkeep and create a cozy atmosphere. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before settling on the “just right” size of home for your family.


  1. How large is my current space?

Evaluate your current living situation. Do you wish you had more counter space in the kitchen? Is it hard to find space to be alone? Are several people sharing a room?

-You may want to upsize.

Are there rooms that are hardly being used in your home? Is cleaning your home a huge hassle?

-You may want to downsize


  1. How much time do you spend away form home?

Some individuals work from home, enjoy their hobbies at home and rarely leave home because of it. If you’re one of these people, your life demands more space. A home that can accommodate a home office, home gym, or entertainment area would be optimal.

If you are someone who spends most of their time working or traveling and hardly use their home’s space. A one- or two bedroom house or income property may give them just what they need.

  1. How big will my family be in 5 years?

Try to consider how big your family may be in 5 or ten years from now. It would not be ideal to find your dream home then quickly watch your family outgrow the space. How many children do you wish to have? Are your parents at the age where they might need to move in with you? Does your family live away and need space to stay when they are visiting?

-You may want to upsize

On the other hand, your family my shrink. Although it is sad break-ups, death and divorce do affect the size of home you need. Are you children soon to grow up and move out?

-You may want to consider downsizing


  1. How often do you entertain?

Are you someone who frequently holds family gatherings? If so, a smaller home may not be the right fit.

However, if you rarely have people over that extra space may be a nuisance rather than a benefit.


So next time you are on the market for a home-or if you are currently searching try thinking less about square footage and more about the lifestyle and the size of individual rooms where you can see yourself spending the majority of your time. Buying a home could be the biggest purchase of your life – its best to make it count!