With all the fall colours falling to the ground this time of year, some serious clean-up is due. Whether you are finishing a home improvement project from the summer or need somewhere to put all your used and old ‘junk’ renting a dumpster from Fredericton Dumpster Service can help you take care of it all.

Cleaning up in the fall can make sure you start your winter hibernation in a home free of clutter, dust and debris. Here is where Fredericton Dumpster Service comes into play. Locally owned and operated this business serves the Greater Fredericton and Oromocto Area. They are reliable, fast & friendly. All business goes through the direct owner, Colin Richard who helps find a service which best suits your needs – since we all know that just like a home, every junk removal is different.

So, what exactly can a dumpster be used for? Dumpsters can include any of the items in the list below:

  • Construction debris
  • Yard Clean Up
  • Basement Clean Out
  • Roofing/Shingles
  • Garage Clean Out
  • Drywall Jobs
  • Window Replacement
  • Demolition Removal
  • Estate Clean Out
  • Home Remodelling Projects
  • Household Junk Removal
  • Recycling Materials


Most importantly dumpsters cannot contain or accept:


  • Hazardous materials such as chemicals, gas, oils, car batteries, asbestos.


Dumpsters are on a first come, first serve bases but are normally quickly to obtain. The costs are either of the following for landfill fees:

  • Commercial & Industrial Waste: $99.00/tonne
  • Construction & Demolition Waste (segregated): $42.50/tonne.


Aside from providing a fast and friendly service the owner Colin Richard has taken his business one step closer with his partner Barbara in creating a buy and sell page to sell items that can be repurposed rather than be put into the landfill. Reuse, recycle, and repurpose. Following them on istagram @alotforalittle_nb .

No matter what type of junk removal you choose the first step is to check this great service out-you won’t regret it.


To find out more information by visiting their website at: http://www.frederictondumpster.ca/ or giving Colin a call at: 506.440.6872