Thinking of spending some serious cash on getting your cellphone fixed? No need. Let Irving phone repair become your mobile repairing technician! A locally owned and operated service located conveniently downtown at 151 Brunswick Street Suite A-1, Fredericton (OR they have a Woodstock Location as well, at 401 Connell Street Unit 2).


Today the mobile phone is an integral part of our life. Just like we protect ourselves from being harmed it is also necessary that we protect our phones from damage. Nothing is more painful than to see your phone getting scratched or worse a cracked screen. What’s even more painful is having to call a big box store to repair the minor damage and forking over large amounts of money get it fixed. In walks Irving Phone Repair.


Irving offers walk-ins and most repairs can be done in under an hour. With the office being closed on Sundays they offer their services Monday-Friday (9am-9pm) and Saturday (10am-3pm). Soon office hours will permanently be 11am-7pm this coming fall. No time to go in person. No problem, Irving also has a great online portal where you can input your phones information and submit it to them instantly on their website homepage.


With screen repairs being the first business venture Irving phone repair is expanding their services to buying devices, selling devices and creating a blog to spread knowledge to the public. Articles you may find helpful include “Should I replace my battery?”, “Water Damage” and more.


At the end of the day, we’re all susceptible to slip ups which can result in broken screens, damaged phone backs, broken cameras and more. Should this happen, Irving phone repair is there to help in the most efficient customer friendly way. They also offer a selection of cases and screen protectors to help avoid it happening again.

For more information or to contact them anytime check out:

151 Brunswick Street, Suite A-1, Fredericton, NB, E3B 1G7, Canada

(506) 455-3665