As the spring weather approaches, the spring cleaning starts. Nothing feels quite as satisfying as coming home to a house that sparkles. However, it can be very overwhelming to even think about cleaning your house – not to mention the appliances. With regards to your chimney, it is easy to be overlooked. In steps Browns Chimney Sweep.


Heavy use of a wood burning fireplace in our Canadian Winters can cause soot and creosote (black residue) to build up. On the other hand, when your fireplace is not in use-animals may nest in the chimney. An annual chimney cleaning can ensure there are no fire hazards or build ups of any kind (ex: dirt, debris, soot, creosote glaze etc.)

Browns is a locally owned company that will fully service your chimney needs. Offering dryervent cleanings, Brown’s is WETT Certified Chimney Sweep and Inspector. Whether you are a new homebuyer, changing insurance or are curious as to the longevity of your chimney an inspection can be very useful. Browns is also an authorized sales and service provider for Drolet, Century and Osburn stoves as well as wood and Pellet stoves.


When’s the last time you have your chimney cleaned? Above is a photo of how much build-up can be found which is an extreme fire hazard. If you use your fireplace regularly year-round, we would highly suggest getting an annual service. And who better than a locally owned company?


Browns can service restaurant based stoves as well – photo below.

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