🌱Before you start your indoor plant search, consider a few factors. Are you looking for pet-friendly 🐶 🐱 options, or do you just want something to purify the air 💨 in your space? Your priority could be as simple as something that looks beautiful and is low maintenance.
 🌸🌸From long, trailing viney house plants to ones with blooming flowers, indoor plants make amazing housewarming, congratulatory, and birthday gifts. 🎁
🪴🪴🪴Here are the 11 best indoor plants according to women s health magazine to purify your home air quality & look great:
1. Aleo Vera
2. Peace Lily
3. Snake Plant
4. Dracaena Gold Star
5. Rubber Tree
6. Monstera Deliciosa
7. Marble Queen Pothos
8. ZZ Plant
9. Money Tree
10. Birds Nest Fern
11. Philodendron Green