Connie is an official Accelerator Mentor with R.E.A.L. Consulting Company.

What is R.E.A.L. consulting company you might ask?

R.E.A.L. consulting company offers training, coaching and workshops to help accelerate your business! By consulting business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders to develop transformation through their behaviors’. In turn helping people operate to their highest potential. Additionally, R.E.A.L CC offers workshops to improve team collaboration and communication. Providing the highest level of personality and behavioral training, they help organizations find talent, teach leadership skills and aid in finding the right people for the right position.

With more than thirty years of service-oriented field of work Connie leads with service-oriented style of business. Client satisfaction is number one priority for the Munroe Real Estate Team. As a mentor to a group of 5 newly established REALTORs®, Connie helps consult, coach and provides advice by the proven methods of R.E.A.L. consulting.

To find out more about upcoming courses offered with R.E.A.L consulting Company click on the link below: