Let’s talk about this. In the current sellers market you see properties go for well over asking- but was that the highest offer given?
👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼Not necessarily!
Here are 5 things that can make YOUR offer more attractive than just the number:
1. Cash: “Cash is king”, a cash buyer means there’s no mortgage, lenders or appraisals involved to worry about.
2. A pre-approval letter: This confirms you’ve acquired, and are set for, a loan within the price range you offered.
3.Timeline: Typically the closing period lasts 30-90 days. Customizing the length or allowing the lender to choose a closing date to best suit their needs helps seals the deal.
4. Personal letter: We know it sounds cheesy but hear us out! If there are 3 offers very similar and one has a heartfelt letter of how your family loves this home. Emotions can give you an edge.
5. No conditions: We are seeing this more frequently. Conditions add potential for a deal falling apart or further negotiations needed. The less the better in the sellers mind 🧠.