🏡👋When you sell your home yourself (also known as “for sale by owner”(FSBO)), it may seem like a great way to save a few dollars $$. One may think that acting as their own seller’s agent will be worth the savings.

💰💰💰So let’s talk about money & pricing your home. All real estate agents have access to comparable home sales and neighborhood information dating back years. Sellers without access to this pricing information are making a misinformed decision, which could make or break a listing. Using a REALTOR® can bring informed pricing which will result in top dollar for your property, which can likely cover their commission and more.

👉🏼Other things to consider if you want to list without a REALTOR ®. Picture this: You are in a tough offer negotiation, who can you turn to with helpful advice? Who has been battling this tough market since the beginning of the pandemic? Working with a licensed, professional, experienced REALTOR ® will give you the upper hand. Many REALTORS ® work with both buyers & sellers, which results in having access to high-quality home-seekers on the other side of the equation. Some of which may be the perfect fit for your home. Plus, that doesn’t even consider some abnormal offers that can be difficult: all-cash offers, bidding wars for the home, low-balling offers, & more.

🚨BOTTOM LINE: without a listing agent, sellers go into negotiations blind. Even in a smooth negotiation process, that buyer’s agent has only priority: to get the home for the price the buyers want—he/she/they have no responsibility towards the seller.

👆🏽Here are eight reasons why you may want to reconsider.

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