🏘📋 Let’s talk home inspections.
In today’s market you will hear that there are offers without inspection.
We HIGHLY recommend our buyers get an inspection.
This is why:
👉🏼Inspections give you, as a buyer, a greater opportunity to know the property you are buying. 3 things can happen once an inspection is completed that protect you as a buyer.
📋 1. You decide: An inspection condition allows you to walk away from the home if the repairs are too numerous or expensive. Or, on the other hand, confirm there are little to no repairs that are needed.
📋 2. Negotiate: You can ask the seller for a price reduction on the home to compensate for repairs. The seller can agree or refuse this.
📋 3. Repairs: You can ask the seller to repair the problem before buying the home. The seller can agree of refuse this.
🏘 🔑 By knowing the true condition of your potential future home, you can make an informed decision about the value of the house before purchasing.
💰💵💸It will also allow you to know how much money you’ll have to put aside for future upkeep or renovations.