People often ask if the market has slowed down because of the winter season. The answer is “kind of”. As some buyers (whom are not in a rush) settle for the holidays there is still a large demand for homes. A specially by those who NEED a place to live because their home has sold.

Listing in the winter has many benefits opposed to the competitive spring market.
❄️1. Limited inventory mean less competition: this narrows the home options for buyers (we’ve been seeing this A LOT in the current sellers market). This results in multiple offers, quick closings, waiving conditions and many more factors that would favor a seller.
❄️2. More motivated buyers: people who are shopping in the winter are prepared and ready. They know there will be multiple offers in most cases & are ready with pre-approval and willing to compete.
❄️3. Highlight your home energy efficiently: One thing we can guarantee living in Canada is that it gets cold. Winter is a great time for a seller to impress potential buyers with efficiency features.
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