Why the Maritimes?


It’s no longer a secret. The Maritimes is the place to be. For an individual looking for nature hikes or families looking for family friendly communities and a home with a yard – we have it all! Did you know the last 2 years have broken the record for the number of newcomers moving to the Maritime Region?


The Maritime region offers affordable living, natural gas, friendly people and an unlimited amount of scenic drives. With sea coasts, green forestry, farmland, mountains, lakes, the list goes on. With a large portion of communities located on water or near water gives so many opportunities to have natures beauty right outside your door (or down the street).


A slower pace of living offers time for individuals and families alike to spend time engaging in many activities outside of their homes and at low costs. The Maritimes is perfect for anyone who enjoys hiking, cycling or observing wildlife. With provincial parks, forests, natural streams and endless trails it’s hard to ever want to stay inside!

No blog post would be complete without mentioning the impact of Co-VID19, The Maritimes has definitely concurred this by having one of the lowest rates of cases in the Country. Maritimer’s are focused on rebuilding the economy as quick and safely as possible. This being said, in conclusion, the best thing about the Maritimes? THE PEOPLE.


The small-town feel, the hospitality and generosity are beyond compare to anywhere else. The reputation for being friendly is well earned. Visitors who come to the Maritimes are often star struck by how nice we are. Literally- known world wide for the kindest people. 🙌

So my question is not “Why the Maritimes?”, but rather “ Why NOT the Maritimes?”.