With snow in the upcoming forecast we thought there is no better time for some friendly home owning winter reminders 🤓
⛄️1. Keep your home heating costs down by replacing air filters & checking the caulking around windows and doors for air leaks.
⛄️2. Watch for snow accumulation quickly after a storm. High risk areas to 👀 keep an eye on are air intakes, exhaust vents & any entry way to the home.
⛄️3. NEVER turn off the heat completely. We’ve all heard the horror stories (or experienced them) of pipes freezing & busting. To avoid this always maintain an adequate temperature & air circulation throughout the house. If you need to leave for a long period of time, have a family or friend (or realtor) come check on your home during this time.
⛄️4. Keep safety in mind! Home fires actually increase in the winter months. The main reason being the malfunction of the heating system. Make sure you check your fireplaces & chimneys for fire hazards as well as batteries in your detectors.
⛄️5. Outdoor plants that require protection include (not limited to) roses, newly planted perennials and small trees.